Recent Projects

Controls System Upgrade

This project required the installation of new Delta V DCS cabinets to control various instruments and controls in an existing operational chemical facility. This project included installing cable tray, channels, conduit and cables for 6 new Delta V DCS cabinets, a new hard wire safety cabinet, 2 new 45 kva transformer and panels, 285 instruments, 45 motor control circuits (including 5kv motor controllers), multiple hard wire control circuits and fiber optic distribution. Due to a lack of documentation, we were also responsible for extensive research and design for control wiring and overall installation.


Motor Power and Controls Upgrade

This project required us to refeed existing transformers, motors and controls from new Motor Control Centers in an existing operational chemical facility. We had to install 7 new MCC Line Ups with 50 vertical sections, requiring over 8,000’ of 3/conductor 500kcmil feeders.  We installed cable tray, channels, conduit and cables for 123 motors and control stations. In addition, we also installed a new PLC cabinet, a new Delta V cabinet, Cat6 Ethernet distribution, 8 new 30 kva transformer and panels, a 600-amp distribution panel and re-fed 12 existing transformers.


New Lumber Line

This project was the removal of an existing lumber line, and the installation of a new lumber line. This was done in two main phases to allow the mill to continue to run as much lumber as possible while work was being performed. We removed existing conveyors, saws and miscellaneous equipment and installed a new 2’ – 24’ Trimmer Saw, Carriage, Unscrambler, Stacker, Bander and miscellaneous conveyors. We also performed additional modifications and extension of an existing Sorter. We installed cable tray, conduit and cables for 44 motors (27 VFD’s with external brakes), 3 VFD cabinets, 4 PLC cabinets, 8 remote consoles, a servo cabinet, a 2000-amp switchboard and cat 6 ethernet distribution with 50 drops. There were over 150 field devices including proximity switches, photo eyes, encoders and limit switches. This was a design & build project.


Installation of Three Rectifiers

This project was for the installation of power, control and communications for 3 new 1250 Volt DC, 14,000-amp rectifiers in an existing facility. For each rectifier we installed parallel 15kv, armored, 3/conductor 500kcmil feeders, and a separate 225-amp 480 volt feed. The cooling water for each rectifier included 14 - 480 volt 5 hp fan motors. Controls were via a PLC in the rectifier control panel, with integration to the facilities existing DCS, safety system and hard wired controls. Primary and back up fiber optics were installed for all rectifiers back to the facility network.


Waste Water Contaminant Reduction Project

This project was primarily for the installation of motors, power distribution, controls and heat trace for a waste water system upgrade in an existing chemical facility. We installed power and controls for 30 motors (24 VFD’s), 6 transformers and panels and over 11’000’ of heat trace on 30 separate circuits. This project covered a large area and required over 10,000’ of plasti-bond conduit (sized from ¾” to 3”). This entire installation was installed in a Class 1 Division1 hazardous location.




Our recent project list is an example of some of the projects we have completed, but does not cover all of our capabilities. Our goal at Integrity Electric Inc. is to establish a relationship with our customers. We do this through our quality of our workmanship, our commitment to safety and staying within time frames and budgets. We are not trying to secure a single project, then move on, we are looking for a long term, two-way relationship. We will and currently do perform any sized modification or addition. If you think we could be of service to you, please contact us and we can discuss your needs in detail.

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